Whoa! To use TechExpress, you must run the full Pitstop tests or load some results.

To use TechExpress, you must be a registered user of the site and test your PC so that we have some results to analyze. If you are already a registered user, run a new test or select a saved result. If not, click here to register, it's free!   Take a look around this page to see what TechExpress can do for you.

Got a problem with your PC? Looking for solutions to nagging PC problems or even catastrophic crashes? PC Pitstop's full suite of tests and diagnostics should always be your first line of defense; it offers a variety of tips, fixes a host of PC problems and keeps your system running in top form.

However, if you have a specific problem that our tests don't resolve, TechExpress has three cool features that can help:

Email a Friend – Share your Pitstop test results with a friend or colleague who can help resolve your problem with the information from your tests. (Or, maybe you just want to show off your great system!)

Email Your Vendor – Share your Pitstop test results with your PC or component vendor's support technician. If a technician can 'see' all of the operating characteristics and parameters of your PC, it will save a lot of headache and time. Plus, the diagnosis will be more accurate.

Troubleshooting Tips – To help identify and fix problems with specific components of your PC, we've compiled lists of troubleshooting resources and are continuing to develop interactive tools to automatically detect and fix specific problems. To get started, select the area that best matches the specific problem you're having, then we'll help you do a bit of troubleshooting:

System startup
System shutdown
Hard disk
CD or DVD drive


How is TechExpress different from PC Pitstop's full suite of tests?


Think of PC Pitstop's standard suite of tests and diagnostics as the regular maintenance you perform on your car: Every month or so, you should run the Pitstop tests to make sure everything is still in order under the hood of your PC.

But, if you run into a specific or nagging problem that isn't resolved by our tests, TechExpress can help by offering targeted troubleshooting for individual parts of your PC, plus an easy way to send your Pitstop results to a friend or your vendor support technician.