Why Our Tests Are Safe

PC Pitstop uses signed ActiveX controls and JavaScript to run its tests. No settings are changed during the testing process. With your permission, our tests exercise various components of your PC including video, processor, memory and disk drives. During the testing, you'll hear your hard drive clicking and your monitor will flash various colors and patterns. This is a normal part of the evaluation process. No settings are being changed.

Most importantly, NONE of the private information on your hard drives is being accessed. What information you do voluntarily give us, such as name and e-mail address during the optional registration process, is kept confidential. We do not sell it or share it in any way with any other company. Check our stringent privacy policy for full details.

At the end of the tests, you will get a report card that details our findings. In some cases, we'll offer an automated program that will fix the problem. Those programs will not run unless you agree to it by clicking on the link or icon that launches the program.

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