Sample Data
20 Recent Samples
File Name Publisher ProductVersion Size (kb) Signed Time Stamp
PC Matic File Details
File NameT8RES.DLL
File PathC:\Program Files (x86)\RadioRage_4j\bar\3.bin\T8RES.DLL
MD5 Hash0x668934b817e8be63d6ff8bb226b624c0
T8RES MindsParkMindspark Toolbar Platform for Internet Explorer 194 12-13 16:05
PC Matic File Details
File NameChrome_Setup.exe
File PathC:\Users\**********\Downloads\Chrome_Setup.exe
MD5 Hash0x2d3647ebece803a2ce05f65da5032f5f
Chrome_Setup Downnector (Alpha Criteria Ltd.)PEM 5.4.4 1675 Y 12-13 15:55
PC Matic File Details
File NameDebut Video Capture Software.exe
File PathC:\Users\*************\Downloads\Debut Video Capture Software.exe
MD5 Hash0xfeb80ed3f7a04b139e098273d06ab757
Debut Video Capture Softw FebonacalSarabepebu 4.1.7 1517 Y 12-13 15:40
PC Matic File Details
File Nameupdater_setup.exe
File PathC:\Users\****\Downloads\updater_setup.exe
MD5 Hash0x4c350369cf795a61539f809b1d2eb415
updater_setup Premium InstallerPremium Installer 2156 12-13 15:39
PC Matic File Details
File NameJava_Updater_Setup.exe
File PathC:\Users\****\Downloads\Java_Updater_Setup.exe
MD5 Hash0x89a05824c24e91160009da2641e95eb6
Java_Updater_Setup Premium InstallerPremium Installer 226 12-13 15:39
PC Matic File Details
File Namesetup.exe
File PathC:\Users\****\Downloads\setup.exe
MD5 Hash0x5f0d65cd1b0fb1f9df0d6fa3bf2a4b1e
setup AirInstallerSoftware Updater 752 12-13 15:39
PC Matic File Details
File NameEmailNotifierSetup.exe
File PathC:\Users\****\Downloads\EmailNotifierSetup.exe
MD5 Hash0xe5796391e0620c140697349939e5342b
EmailNotifierSetup Xacti, LLCInbox EmailNotifier Toolbar 2789 12-13 15:39
PC Matic File Details
File NameEmailNotifierSetup(1).exe
File PathC:\Users\****\Downloads\EmailNotifierSetup(1).exe
MD5 Hash0xe0e27e38bbaf614f90e073ae98f2fa4c
EmailNotifierSetup(1) Xacti, LLCInbox EmailNotifier Toolbar 2789 12-13 15:39
PC Matic File Details
File Name&subid3=
File PathC:\Users\****\Downloads\&subid3=
MD5 Hash0xbc7bdd6f9b423de90c76be8b71edea04
Premium InstallerPremium Installer 232 12-13 15:39
PC Matic File Details
File Namemicrosoft_word(1).exe
File PathC:\Users\***********\Downloads\microsoft_word(1).exe
MD5 Hash0x3020916df4197cfb15c936d2a17c602b
microsoft_word(1) Bully Unity LTDBogobu 4.6 1528 Y 12-13 15:26
PC Matic File Details
File NameSharewareOnSale_Giveaway_All_PDF_Converter_Pro_hub.exe
File PathC:\Users\********\Downloads\All PDF Converter Pro\SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_All_PDF_Converter_Pro_hub.exe
MD5 Hash0xe29b4273f7914d05f13b0b1210863957
SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_ Azadi Network LLC 2438 Y 12-13 15:14
PC Matic File Details
File NameMinecraftInstaller.exe
File PathC:\Users\**\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\MinecraftInstaller.exe
MD5 Hash0x52b1f42924790a63ed44aa506153c154
MinecraftInstaller Turbo Install (Alpha Criteria Ltd.)Cuko 5.3 1682 Y 12-13 15:13
PC Matic File Details
File NameLcDLW.exe
File PathC:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\LcDLW.exe
MD5 Hash0x33960d4a89f90ea373be4f0a1f9c1f8b
LcDLW unknown vendor 116 12-13 15:05
PC Matic File Details
File NameOTOfSkT.exe
File PathC:\Users\**********************************\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\OTOfSkT.exe
MD5 Hash0x8399171e3baf409cdb2f21406849fc44
OTOfSkT unknown vendor 116 12-13 15:02
PC Matic File Details
File Nameluckynugget.exe
File PathC:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\luckynugget.exe
MD5 Hash0x3f177c72c5541d6d45d410d47814db74
luckynugget Microgaming Software Systems LimitedMicrogamingInstall 16.11.4 1000 Y 12-13 14:59
PC Matic File Details
File NameTom-Clancys-Rainbow-Six-Siege_Setup.exe
File PathC:\Users\********\Downloads\Tom-Clancys-Rainbow-Six-Siege_Setup.exe
MD5 Hash0x481c430e1c3571bf1deb3cc3a54dcebc
Tom-Clancys-Rainbow-Six-S Turbo Setup (Alpha Criteria Ltd.)Gelukete 2.8.1 1522 Y 12-13 14:58
PC Matic File Details
File NameConvert to PDF.exe
File PathC:\Users\******\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\7NSMXV3K\Convert to PDF.exe
MD5 Hash0x14367b6c989aad1edca5da9750ed8008
Convert to PDF FebonacalSarabepebu 4.1.7 1517 Y 12-13 14:53
PC Matic File Details
File NameMicrosoft_Word.exe
File PathC:\Users\***********\Downloads\Microsoft_Word.exe
MD5 Hash0x8e2afc65b240a93c6c7ad97291803bfc
Microsoft_Word Bully Unity LTDBogobu 4.6 1528 Y 12-13 14:48
PC Matic File Details
File Namemusese.exe
File PathC:\Users\*****\AppData\Local\Temp\TMP103~1\musese.exe
MD5 Hash0x3c0c7f9dcf6d3672ff2e70904503321d
musese Cusunideki Ltd.Pegider Gokalepo 505 12-13 14:47
PC Matic File Details
File Namej03N.exe
File PathC:\Users\**************\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\j03N.exe
MD5 Hash0xe7bfdf23b01993a1923b282ef2b42b4b
j03N unknown vendor 116 12-13 14:45
A Real-Time List of Recent Virus Samples

The 20 programs listed above are all viruses that PC Matic has blocked and trapped very recently (often in the same day as you are reading this) that traditional anti-virus has yet to discover. The time stamp is a good indication of the rate at which PC Matic collects new samples and also the degree to which PC Matic users enjoy superior protection over traditional AV.

You’ll see some familiar brand names in the “Publisher” and “Product” fields — all of which are false. Virus writers use trusted names to try and fool you and your AV software into thinking these are legitimate programs. Hover over the plus sign to get more information about the sample. Included is the MD5 hash, the directory from which the file tried to execute, and the complete name of the file itself.

The database is live so if you hit refresh, you can see the new viruses entering our database real time.

Viruses are just one element of the threat to computers. The new frontier is called “exploits.” Read more.