Sample Data
20 Recent Samples
File Name Publisher ProductVersion Size (kb) Signed Time Stamp
PC Matic File Details
File NameaTube_Catcher_2298889324 (1).exe
File PathC:\Users\********\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\aTube_Catcher_2298889324 (1).exe
MD5 Hash0x8da273c75a47cd15123d60d0db60ff67
aTube_Catcher_2298889324 DS NET CORP SA DE CVFile Internet Installer 5.6.9 2568 Y 09-21 21:10
PC Matic File Details
File NameMinecraft_3379522716 (1).exe
File PathC:\Users\**********\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\TempState\Downloads\Minecraft_3379522716 (1).exe
MD5 Hash0xbb9b7a5246fbc35a62705fd654e43bf2
Minecraft_3379522716 (1) Sivensys S.R.LRamo 1.7 2375 Y 09-21 20:33
PC Matic File Details
File NameInstaller.exe
File PathC:\Users\**********\Downloads\Installer.exe
MD5 Hash0x5fd0bc8644ed5733383be5a43dc7ab85
Installer Hari LtdSinfulHummerSetup 67 Y 09-21 20:25
PC Matic File Details
File Namemicrosoft_works.exe
File PathC:\Users\*****\Downloads\microsoft_works.exe
MD5 Hash0x3a8cd90e7892d2f13f6db2a42b866bf7
microsoft_works BefekaDoheneheho 2.1.1 1015 Y 09-21 19:56
PC Matic File Details
File NameMP3Rocket_Setup.exe
File PathC:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\FTGCB9EK\MP3Rocket_Setup.exe
MD5 Hash0x0f69fffa0cb8960dd85f41fa40623c98
MP3Rocket_Setup NodGol 3.1 1818 Y 09-21 19:46
PC Matic File Details
File NameMP3Rocket_Setup.exe
File PathC:\Users\***\Downloads\MP3Rocket_Setup.exe
MD5 Hash0x197e01eee0f17cabb65b0c3db9a34058
MP3Rocket_Setup NodGol 3.1 1818 Y 09-21 19:46
PC Matic File Details
File NameMP3Rocket_Setup.exe
File PathC:\Users\***\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\BLAFDF56\MP3Rocket_Setup.exe
MD5 Hash0x22084bd9b10d1261ce64e657fb8f27cf
MP3Rocket_Setup NodGol 3.1 1818 Y 09-21 19:46
PC Matic File Details
File Namewinamp setup.exe
File PathE:\downloads from you tube\\winamp setup.exe
MD5 Hash0xc5e7a47d4461a5dc9dc7288a8a6455fc
winamp setup Darwen Marketing Inc.Mocodo 5.4.6 2360 Y 09-21 19:26
PC Matic File Details
File NameFree_Blender_Intro_Template_-_By_BlenderNoob_and_ppbdzn_LHJ6AZ.exe
File PathC:\Users\**\AppData\Local\Temp\\Free_Blender_Intro_Template_-_By_BlenderNoob_and_ppbdzn_LHJ6AZ.exe
MD5 Hash0x3a68cd4c47c47c6b03186cdf785d2924
Free_Blender_Intro_Templa UR-IN LTDУ с т а н о в к а : : 0.8 1252 Y 09-21 18:09
PC Matic File Details
File NameChromeSetup.exe
File PathC:\Users\***\Downloads\ChromeSetup.exe
MD5 Hash0x94058e7e21cfafb0d5b34dbf0cc9cbdf
ChromeSetup Wave Platform (Alpha Criteria Ltd)Momak 3.3.0 2335 Y 09-21 17:52
PC Matic File Details
File NameTPSDock.exe
File PathC:\Program Files (x86)\The Phone Support Dock\TPSDock.exe
MD5 Hash0xd16e4f002004b0b3c1a65589639715ca
TPSDock The Phone SupportThe Phone Support Dock 2998 Y 09-21 17:33
PC Matic File Details
File Namesetup_2438781944.exe
File PathC:\Users\*************\Downloads\setup_2438781944.exe
MD5 Hash0xe09771e11eeba058406f160b565c2ede
setup_2438781944 LohuDeho 2.5 2328 Y 09-21 17:29
PC Matic File Details
File Namefirefox_letoltese_magyarul_windows_7_32_bit.exe
File PathC:\Users\**\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\X1O7UG25\firefox_letoltese_magyarul_windows_7_32_bit.exe
MD5 Hash0xf7a905b37f2f051a876630e48d5181df
firefox_letoltese_magyaru KEKEKA' LTDNET Components 4.53 free installer 14.0.1056.2 2645 Y 09-21 16:41
PC Matic File Details
File NameBaixaki_fortnite_0994683370.exe
File PathC:\Users\******\Downloads\Baixaki_fortnite_0994683370.exe
MD5 Hash0x5ee0d972ba7a9bd9240daabbaa4c9346
Baixaki_fortnite_09946833 NO ZEBRA NETWORK S.AWeb program 5.0 2137 Y 09-21 16:30
PC Matic File Details
File Namemicrosoft_works_2968243420.exe
File PathC:\Users\*****\Downloads\microsoft_works_2968243420.exe
MD5 Hash0x2d043db8b9822ce8669fa77439bd8abf
microsoft_works_296824342 RecoFafasa 4.3 2350 Y 09-21 16:23
PC Matic File Details
File NameIBService.exe
File PathC:\Program Files (x86)\IdBuddy\IBService.exe
MD5 Hash0x40fc21f6af75f43fd120fbc10859830c
IBService IdBudIdBud 10046 Y 09-21 16:08
PC Matic File Details
File NameDriverUpdate Setup.exe
File PathC:\Users\*********\AppData\Local\SlimWare Utilities Inc\SlimCleaner Plus\Downloads\DriverUpdate Setup.exe
MD5 Hash0x18a78477473d85c963a420155ff452c7
DriverUpdate Setup Slimware Utilities Holdings, Inc.DriverUpdate 2.19.0 926 Y 09-21 16:07
PC Matic File Details
File NameXePlayer_Setup_2561537645.exe
File PathF:\downloads\\XePlayer_Setup_2561537645.exe
MD5 Hash0xea24f478c32cf62ae3dfe8e32368f53e
XePlayer_Setup_2561537645 baleLetac 2.0.3 2296 Y 09-21 15:30
A Real-Time List of Recent Virus Samples

The 20 programs listed above are all viruses that PC Matic has blocked and trapped very recently (often in the same day as you are reading this) that traditional anti-virus has yet to discover. The time stamp is a good indication of the rate at which PC Matic collects new samples and also the degree to which PC Matic users enjoy superior protection over traditional AV.

You’ll see some familiar brand names in the “Publisher” and “Product” fields — all of which are false. Virus writers use trusted names to try and fool you and your AV software into thinking these are legitimate programs. Hover over the plus sign to get more information about the sample. Included is the MD5 hash, the directory from which the file tried to execute, and the complete name of the file itself.

The database is live so if you hit refresh, you can see the new viruses entering our database real time.

Viruses are just one element of the threat to computers. The new frontier is called “exploits.” Read more.