PC Pitstop Trace Route Utility

PC Pitstop's Trace Route utility is a graphical version of the tracert or traceroute command-line program found in Windows and Unix. Using an ActiveX control, the utility sends small "ping" packets from your PC to each hop on the way to an Internet destination that you specify.

Trace Route is particularly useful if you're experiencing problems connecting to a specific site. Simply enter the site below, and the trace will show where performance bottlenecks might be occurring--whether they're at your local provider, the site itself or somewhere in between. Once you discover the source of the problem, you can contact that particular host or provider for more information or to report the problem (see Interpreting Your Results for more on this).

For help using the utility or for more information and definitions of the terms used here, see our Help File.

Enter the name or IP address of the site you're trying to reach, then click Trace Route. (For other options, see the Help File.)
Name or IP:
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Packet size:
Reps per hop: Click here for help and instructions.

Your results will appear below: (Please be patient - it may take a minute for the results to start appearing.)

Click here for information on interpreting your results.