Optimize is designed to help you quickly and easily get the most out of your PC. After analyzing data from thousands of PCs, we have created an application that will make your PC run faster, make it more stable, and free up some needed hard drive space.

Please select your Internet connection type and click Next to go to the scanning phase. No settings will be changed during the scan process.

System Scan

To get started, click the Scan button below. No settings will be changed during the scan; you will have the chance to review our recommendations before we make any changes.

If you have a firewall enabled, it may ask for permission for Optimize to access the Internet so that we can perform the download test and determine the optimal settings for your computer based on the scan results.

Express Cleanup

Junk Files

Junk files come from several sources. The Recycle Bin holds deleted files so you can retrieve them if you later decide that you should not have deleted them. However, files in the Recycle Bin can use a lot of space; empty your Recycle Bin to reclaim this space. Windows and applications create temporary files while they are running. In some cases though, applications do not clean up after themselves. Other examples include the caches for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Oversized caches can hurt performance on a broadband connection.

Internet Settings

Optimizing your Internet settings can help to dramatically boost your Internet speed. Internet-related settings can be tuned for faster throughput and may provide up to a 200% increase in Internet performance. Optimize determines the best settings by performing a dynamic test under the actual conditions currently being experienced on your connection.

Startup Programs

Below is a list of unnecessary programs that run every time this computer is started. If there are programs listed, then removing them from automatic startup may improve the performance of your computer and reduce memory usage. We suggest that you remove them, but you can continue to run any of them by unchecking the box next to the entry below. To find out more about an item, click on it.

Registry Fixes

Programs sometimes leave incorrect information behind in the registry, either because they uninstall improperly or because the files associated with the entries have been moved or deleted. Cleaning the Windows registry will help to keep your PC in working order and keep the system running at peak performance.

Performance Tweaks

The default settings for Windows are long on flash but often low on performance. By adjusting some of these parameters, you can get a more responsive system without sacrificing much in the way of looks. These are the settings we recommend for best performance and stability.

Optimize is now ready to make changes to your system. Please click the Optimize button to begin making changes. We will first back up your current settings; you can restore these settings later if you encounter any problems.

For best results, please close other applications that are running. Optimize cannot update Firefox settings if Firefox is running.

If you are prompted to install the PC Pitstop ActiveX control, please accept the dialog.

This message should only stay on screen during a brief period while the program is starting. If you are still seeing this message after several seconds, it usually means that a security utility is blocking execution or the system configuration is damaged.